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¡ADENTRO!® – Activation and training for seniors

¡Adentro! ® is an educational and training project for multipliers in senior citizen work. It wants to help make the first generation of Spanish-speaking immigrants

taking into account in their action and response patterns the fact that Germany is an immigration country, where locals and immigrants are part of a multicultural society and should be made equitable according to the legitimate interests and needs of all;
takes an active role in creating living conditions in accordance with their wishes and beliefs;
communicating their life and migration experiences to the public sector and social groups of both the countries of origin and the host country, and proposing alternative courses of action to improve their situation in life.

What are the goals of ¡Adentro! ®?

  • Personality development
  • Developing a positive attitude towards retirement;
  • Knowledge of legitimate claims both vis-à-vis German public authorities and the respective countries of origin;
  • Promotion of craft, artistic and social skills;
  • Accounting for the own migration experience in Germany;
  • Reflected attitude towards the host country;
  • Balancing the advantages and disadvantages of returning to the region or country of origin;
  • Promote the ability to get involved.
  • Promoting social engagement
  • Designing and Conducting community and health promotion projects both open and (partly) inpatient services for the first generation of Spanish-speaking immigrants;
  • Promotion of social volunteer work through active participation in own self-help groups and networks as well as charitable associations.
  • Lobbying / Networking
  • Establishment of a network of contacts between colonies of Spanish-speaking population among each other as well as with other ethnic and linguistic groups of their own places of residence as well as with organizations of returnees;
  • Communicating the problems and difficulties of older migrants to the public sector.

How does ¡Adentro!® work?

Funded by the European Commission in 1999 for the A, Old and Active project, the AEF and the Federation of Spanish Parents’ Associations allowed their knowledge and expertise to be transferred to sister organizations in various countries. The ¡Adentro! ® project is now also available in France, Belgium and Spain.

  • ¡Adentro! ® conducts three seminars within one year, in which people from different federal states participate.
  • Multipliers from more than 50 different clubs participate in the ¡Adentro! ® seminars.
  • The average age of the participants is 60 years and is between 22 and 85 years.
  • Die Seminare sind partizipativ und bieten zahlreiche Workshops an.
  • The seminars are participatory and offer numerous workshops.
    ¡Adentro! ® counts with qualified and experienced trainers from the fields of gerontology, psychology, physical activity, medicine, naturopathy, social work, law …

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